What is love to you?

What is love to you?

What is love to you? Love is different for everyone, everyone has their own needs/wants/ideas.
How you show love and how you feel loved can also be different. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this over the last few months about what love is to me and I thought I would share my ideas with you.

And I would love for you to tell me what love is for you!


Love is when you give when you’re in need yourself.

Love is putting others before yourself, yet also putting yourself first when you must.

Love is no expectation to be loved back.

Love is felt and not heard.


Love is just a word we sometimes feel we must say for people to know we care.

Why do we need to say it though?

My Mum does not say “I love you” very often and she would hardly ever say it back if I said it to her. One day I asked why and her response was, “You shouldn’t have to say it, you should just feel it!”
So wise old mum and wise old Winnie the Pooh have exactly the same idea!

We have also been taught that we need to say ‘I love you’ on particular days, and I am not just talking about Valentine’s day, but mothers day & fathers day too. Why must we be told to show our appreciation for another on ONE particular day, this should be shown and felt EVERY  SINGLE DAY. With only just the smallest of suggestions. It’s the little moments that count, the touch of another, a kind word, a helping hand, a nice thought.

It is also learning what love means to you. How do you show love to others? How do you feel love for yourself? We can look to the book ‘5 Languages of Love’ – By Gary Chapman. (I have yet to read this book, but it has been suggested by many to me and we have spoken about it in length). So what are the 5 languages of love?

Gift Giving
Quality Time
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation

When we learn how we feel love, the first thing to do is to do that for ourselves. As to love you must be able to love yourself first.

Love is a connection to another soul


Love is a connection to your own Soul


How often do you hear you must love yourself first before you will find your love.

The reason I believe you cannot love another until you love yourself is that to love you need to give with no expectations of receiving.
To be able to give in such a way we need to feel “full” within ourselves, our cups need to be filled, and we need to know how to fill that cup on our own (No expectations remember). The most beautiful gift you can ever give is a gift to yourself! To nourish yourself! How often do we actually do that?

Do something for you, find out what your love language is and be the person you wish to see in others!

With Metta

Holly xx