Wedding & Hens Days

Pre-Wedding – Yoga, Meditation or Yoga Nidra

Organising a Wedding can become very stressful; you have spent hours on trying to work out the smallest details. When it comes to the big day, sometimes the nerves isn’t about marrying the love of your life but about how the day is going to go. Is everything going to go to plan?

Deep Breath Yoga Community offers Pre-Wedding Yoga, Meditation or Yoga Nidra for before or the morning of the wedding.

Give yourself that downtime you so deserve and let the worries for the day be forgotten and get a good rest prior to the big day.


Did you know that a lot of stress is carried within the body, let us help you stretch out and release all that tension you have just carried for the months leading up to your Wedding. We can tailor the classes to suit your needs. We primarily teach Hatha Yoga a more gentle practice where we work on the breath and hold poses for a longer period of time to then come into a relaxation between each pose, really teaching the body to relax when we need to.


Meditation is a great way to learn how to silence the overthinking mind to come into yourself and relax, to just be present for the day ahead, so you can spend enjoying the most magical day with all of your being.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided sleep where we take you through a serious of steps to relax and unwind to fall into a deep sleep. I am sure there have been many of sleepless nights with organising flowers, catering, dreaming about the colour of tablecloths and napkins, food the dress, the suite…. and much more has been going on.  Spend the evening before with a 45minute Yoga Nidra Session which allows you to feel as if you have slept for 4 hours!

Hens Day – Yoga

What a great way to share a day with the team!

Unwind after the stress of wedding planning, hens planing and all the in-between life that happens!

Great way to connect with everyone and a little bit of extra fun, this yoga class can be as serious as you like or as fun as you like! It’s all about the connection and de-stressing and sometimes a good laugh at being turned inside out and around is all you need.

Dress up, add wine or beer whatever theme you want to make it, we can make it work.

It’s all about enjoying time with those you love.