8 Weeks to getting better sleep!

Are you finding it hard to get to sleep?

Perhaps you wake frequently in the night?

Or maybe you are waking up unrested and more tired than when you went to bed?

If this is you we have designed an 8 Week program to help you get a better night’s rest!

Join us starting on the 1st of June 2020

10 Day Meditation Challenge

Have you been wanting to start meditation but just not sure where to begin?

Over the course of 10 Days we take you through 10 different meditation techniques to help you find one that best suits you for that moment.

Join our next program starting on the 25th May 2020

7 Days to finding more time in your life

Sometimes we feel that time is just running out, during these times a lot of people have found this time and some are still searching for it, while others are sitting at home you’re still working hard and trying to find more me time.

Perhaps you are sitting at home but you feel your time is still not being used wisely.

Join our 7 Day program to find that time you are looking for!

beginners course

Have you been thinking about trying out yoga but just not 100% confident in joining a class just yet?

We run private 8 week beginners course that allows you to find immerse yourself into a new yoga practice and find your balance within.

These sessions can be run in your own home or at our studio located in San Remo.

mother and daughter

It’s time to re-connect with each other. Do you find your life is getting out of control busy? Your daughter may be feeling it, not only do women go through enourmous hormone changes through adolences they also begin to discconect, maybe you have dissconected a little yourself. Re-connect back with your self and with your daughter.

We set out goals, plans along with learning how to flow with our emotions and hormonal changes over 8 weeks of pure bonding.

Your choice of 1 or 2 sessions a week with yoga, medition and intention setting.

re-energise your life

Get back to an abundance of energy with our 8 week re-energise your life program built together with a nutrisionist with easy set out meal plan for the 8 weeks plus 1 yoga session per weeks & 1 meditation session per week.

The next commencing date for a group session is comming soon.

However if you want to do this with yourself or with a small group contact us to lock in a start date for you!