Private Yoga and Meditation Programs - Deep Breath Yoga Community
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Private Yoga and Meditation Programs

Private Yoga and Meditation Programs

Individuals can book Deep Breath Yoga Community for private yoga or meditation or group yoga or meditation sessions.  Choose from 30 minute or one hour yoga or meditation programs at your home or other area. Group sessions must have a minimum of four participating. We are happy to come to any location however you must have a minimum of 2 meters x 1 meter per participant and we recommend selecting a space that is quiet and away from distractions like phones and children if you can. Of course, if you don’t have any other options with your spaces, we can work within your space and we love running mums and bubs classes.

Private Yoga and Meditation Pricing

One on one sessions

1 hour session –  $60

1.5 hour session – $85

2 hour session – $110

Group sessions (4 or more)

1 hour session –  $15 per person

1.5 hour sessions – $20 per person

2 hour sessions – $30 per person