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about us

Holly Shepherd

Deep Breath Yoga Community


My name is Holly Shepherd and I am the founder and yoga teacher of Deep Breath Yoga Community.

I was introduced to yoga when I was about 15 years old and instantly fell in love with the practice.

While regularly practising yoga as a hobby, my initial career path began in Real Estate. I found this job rewarding and often stressful.  While I was finding work difficult at times, my yoga classes were able to ground me and assist me in feeling energised throughout the tough work day. I noticed that my mood, outlook and general health improved when I was practising yoga.

This lead me to really focus on what the benefits of yoga were and I was keen to learn more.  Shortly after, I decided that the only logical step for me was to learn from where it all began and I decided to head to India.  Here I undertook a yoga teacher training course where I learnt about the philosophy, benefits and yoga practices so I could come back and teach and share the same experience with others.

In India, I lived in an Ashram (a type of live in lodging school) for one month where I completed the 200hr Teacher Training Course I was surrounded by like minded people.  I had no access to pleasures or luxuries while studying, just the bare basics to ensure myself and the other students were able to focus truly on ourselves and on learning to teach others. One year later I returned to India to complete the 300hr Advance Teacher Training Course.

These experience will never be forgotten and I am excited to share my yoga journey with others and teach what I have learnt.

Sally Draper

Deep Breath Yoga Community


Hi, I’m Sally – Yoga Teacher

I come from a creative Visual Merchandising and sports background but have always had a great interest in self-care through mind, body and spirit, which lead me to Yoga.

I enjoy reading and educating myself, playing basketball, traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures, snowboarding and brunching with my beautiful friends and family. I also have two adorable dogs that are treated like little kings.

After feeling the benefits of regular yoga practice, I began experiencing incredible health benefits such as improved energy levels and motivation, increased cognitive brain function, reduced stress levels and I also started to see improvements in my skin quality.

My passion lies in the philosophy and anatomy side of yoga and its amazing health benefits. As a yoga student/teacher I wish to share my experiences and continue learning from my students and mentors. I attend workshops and training sessions regularly in Melbourne and Bali to keep myself current with all things yoga.

I’m super excited to be part of the Deep Breath Yoga Community and I look forward to meeting you on your mat.



Sharon Pittorino

Deep Breath Yoga Community

Teacher / Natropath

Hello, my name is Sharon Pittorino and I was first introduced to yoga in my early 20’s but it was during my university degree in my mid 30’s when my real yoga journey began.

I was physically, mentally and emotionally depleted during my 4 year full-time degree studying to be a Naturopath. I found my way back to yoga and the benefits to my mind, body and spiritual wellbeing were so amazing that I vowed to learn more. I started with a trip to Sri Lanka half way through my degree to immerse myself in the teachings of yoga.

Upon successful completion of my degree I spent 4 months in India at various ashrams and temples where I fully immersed myself in the ancient practices and wisdom of yoga and meditation. Yoga and all it entails complemented my naturopathy and wellness training so perfectly that I wanted to bring more of it to my clients and really encapsulate the mind, body, spirit philosophy.

In 2018 I completed my 100 Hour Transformational Yoga Training on Phillip Island followed by my 200 Hour Level 1 Purna Yoga Teaching Training through Byron Yoga Centre where I spent a month in beautiful Byron Bay.

My practice and teaching is predominantly Hatha based; the beautiful yoga of balance. I have a strong interest in yoga philosophy and my desire is to ensure that everybody feels comfortable in a yoga class as I believe yoga truly is for every-body, no matter age, shape, size or gender.

Every day I continue to discover the depths and benefits of physical asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation practices and I hope you too will join me on the matt.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and my website http://www.thewellnessthread.com/

Sharon x

Kim Sallmann

Deep Breath Yoga Community

Nutritionist, BHSc

Hey there!

I’m Kim, an Australian plant-based foodie and nutrition graduate (BHSc).

I’m obsessed with: nature (especially the ocean), babies (human and the animal kind), Hawaii (though I’ve never been), the colour blue, and of course essential oils.

My healthy living journey began with my beautiful mum.

My mum was a healthy living enthusiast. She read all the books on nutrition, ate a primarily plant-based diet, juiced every day (i remember getting fed green juices in my sippy cup as a youngster), and was a fitness instructor.

Whilst I was incredibly lucky to have a perfect teacher of healthy habits as a child, it never really sunk in until much later.
It wasn’t until I was about 18 years old in fact, (two years after my mum passed away) that I understood the depth of the lessons she was always trying to teach us. After dealing with terrible acne through my teens, suffering from feelings of depression, a never-ending game of starving myself then binging on crap, I began to really step back and start looking at everything I was doing.

After coming across a book called ‘The Kind Diet’ by Alicia Silverstone, and ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, I began to make some drastic changes in my life. I deferred a Bachelor’s degree in Business and went on to enrol myself in a Bachelors of Health Science (Nutrition), I turned to a plant-based diet and began to feel amazing and inspired, and I became a bookworm on all things health and natural living.

Since then, it’s been a powerful journey for me. I’ve been travelling. Beginning in South East Asia, where I spend 6 weeks living and working in an orphanage in Cambodia. My time there opened my eyes, opened my heart, and broke it all at the same time. An experience I will never forget. This was followed by what was meant to be 6-12 months in a health retreat in the Philippines, becoming 2 years. Another life-altering journey, where I found a passion for living from nature, in nature and reducing my footprint on this beautiful planet as much as I possibly can.

I firmly believe that who you are is more important than what you are, what you do means more than what you have, and love is always louder.

This is why I want to share tools such as Young Living essential oils, educate on food as medicine and help people feel well again, share ways to reduce our environmental footprint and create a community that supports everybody in reaching their best and happiest selves.

I hope you’ll join me!

  Kim   xx