Yoga and Meditation - Deep Breath Yoga Commumity
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Welcome to
Deep Breath
Yoga Community

Welcome to Deep Breath Yoga Community

Hatha yoga

At Deep Breath Yoga Community, We teach beginner and general level sessions.  If you have never tried yoga before, don’t worry, we can take you through the basics.


If you are feeling stressed or just need to treat yourself to a break, then we can take you through a guided meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and centred.

Business and corporate

Deep Breath Yoga Community’s speciality is business and corporate yoga and meditation sessions.  We come out to your place of work and take your staff through a guided class. Perfect to let your staff relax, unwind and reset and increase the workplace productivity.


During pregnancy, it is a time to nurture yourself more than ever. Pregnancy yoga is the best way to connect with yourself and bubs.

Private or group lessons

Deep Breath Yoga Community can conduct private or group yoga or meditation sessions for you, your family, your friends group, parties, or a work group or at your corporate event.


We come to you

No matter where you are, Deep Breath Yoga Community will come to you. I travel all around Victoria.  No matter if you are in Phillip Island, Berwick, Melbourne, Geelong or anywhere in between, I will come to you!

What our clients say

Yoga and meditation brought to you

Deep Breath Yoga Community is focused on helping others and bringing a relaxed and calmness to the students.  If you have never tried yoga before, we take you through the basics and teach you the positions and guide you through the breathing techniques.  In time, you will learn more advanced methods of Hatha yoga and will extend your movements to include more skilled poses.  My aim is to help bring yoga to you where you feel most comfortable and to assist in taking the pressure off your busy schedules. Deep Breath Yoga Community is perfect for corporate events, group events and even private sessions.  Contact us today to find out more.